DENVER — Amid predictions of ugly campaign tactics, Colorado Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne today pledged to run a positive campaign for governor focused on the issues facing the state and her experiences as an executive in both the public and private sectors.

“We cannot let the polarization, name-calling and negative campaigning that has a stranglehold on our national political dialogue take root in Colorado,” Lynne said. “Tearing one another apart is not the way to bring Coloradans together to tackle important topics like addressing our health care challenges, providing every child the education they need to succeed, investing in our infrastructure, and keeping our air and water clean.”

Lynne is calling on all candidates to follow the example set by Gov. John Hickenlooper and to pledge to run positive campaigns that address the issues facing Colorado and who is most qualified to lead the Centennial State. She has also signed the Clean Campaign Pledge for the Colorado Democratic Primary.

Clean Primary Campaign PledgeThat pledge commits candidates to running cleanand truthful campaigns based on issues and expressly opposes engaging in personal attacks or smears.

“The governor’s commitment to positive campaigns is one of the many traits that led me to leave the private sector and join his administration as the state’s first-ever Lt. Governor and Chief Operating Officer,” Lynne said. “We should continue down that path and talk about why voters should vote for us rather than why they shouldn’t vote for someone else.”

Though Republicans may not be willing to promise positive campaigns, Lynne said she expects fellow Democrats will pledge their support to making this race a competition of ideas, experience and vision for the future of Colorado.