Today is Colorado Day — an opportunity to celebrate everything that makes the 38th state special. I’m writing to let you know I’m exploring a run for Governor because I want to make sure Colorado stays that way.

As Lt. Governor and Chief Operating Officer, I’ve had the privilege of working with and helping people in every county across the state, and I believe that there is more I can accomplish to keep our state moving in the right direction.

  • We need to keep our economy growing while we strengthen the Colorado middle class.
  • We need to invest in infrastructure — from roads to rural broadband.
  • We have to continue to improve our schools and make college more affordable.
  • We must continue to protect our air, our water and scenic landscapes.
  • And we must do everything we can to stop Donald Trump from taking away healthcare from hundreds of thousands of Coloradans.

As I look at the current state of affairs in this country, I believe we need pragmatic leaders who have the experience to put politics aside and get things done.

I’ve spent my career helping people and leading big organizations — both in government and in the private sector. I believe that’s the kind of experience we need right now.

Your support is critical as we build a campaign we can all be proud of.